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Scheduling & Timesheets

Consolidate your time scheduling and tracking with the scheduling and timesheets module in the HSI portal. We’ve made it incredibly easy to get everything from high-level overviews of employee time down to individual employee timesheet history, including hours worked, availability, overtime and shift schedules.

This flexible module gives you access to a number of reports along with multiple calendar views including by shift, by employee and by schedule.

Enable Employees to Track Their Time

Give employees an easier way to enter, view and submit timesheets. Plus, employees can manage their shift schedules and availability from the same place.

View & Manage Employee Timesheet Records

This module gives you plenty of oversight for employee time management. You can easily see timesheet overviews for individual employees or all employees, manage employee availability and see calendar views of shift schedules. Additionally, you have access to reporting on shift statistics, overtime and paid time off.

See Client Shift Plans At a Glance

With the software, you can see the staffing plans for each client, including a day-by-day look at shift schedules, to ensure full coverage based on client’s individual needs.