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Recruitment & Training Module

The HSI Portal completely streamlines your staffing management. From tracking applications to managing employee training to scheduling the right staff for the right shifts, the Recruitment & Training module is designed to save you time and ensure all care teams maintain the proper qualifications.

Oversee Employee Training & Certifications

Within the portal, you can manage everything you need to ensure your teams are up-to-date on all necessary trainings and certifications. The module can also store all your digital manuals as well as electronic trainings quizzes, so everything you need for training is all in one place.

The robust features enable you to manage training topics, create sessions and assign sessions to the employees who need it. You can easily see where every employee stands with required training, and monitor completion rates by session. You can even ensure that the employees you schedule for shifts have the appropriate qualifications for the job at hand.

Track Your Job Applicants

Easily manage job candidate applications and recruitment status through the HSI Portal. Once candidates have applied for their desired position, you can track everything from interview schedules to background checks right in the candidate’s profile. You can even send automated emails for interviews.