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Individual Support Module

Tracking client data is one of the most critical aspects of a home team’s day. The Individual Support Module makes it easy for direct support professionals to thoroughly and accurately schedule, document and review client’s status mental, behavioral and physical health status during each visit.

No more filling out paper reports by hand—home teams can simply input everything into HSI Portal and produce immediate, automated notifications. By having all of this data in one place, agency supervisors can monitor every client’s activity over time to better evaluate treatment plans and greatly reduce incidents of client harm.

Additionally, agencies can maintain transparency with conservators and monitors by granting secure access to the client’s activity data.

Schedule Activities & Appointments

With the Individual Support Module, you can create a list of daily activities with just a few clicks. Schedule milestone activities such as picking out clothes, brushing teeth or meal times. You can also add medication timing and upcoming medical or other appointments. As home teams encounter each activity, they can indicate level of completion right on the task.

Track Behavior Data

The portal makes it easy to track and chart different types of behavior data, which gives behavior analysts a better understanding of treatment plan effectiveness. Caregivers can note behavioral occurrences such as aggression, self-injury, and other reportable incidents, which is then automatically charted and reported. Additionally, staff can collect and chart sleep data and monitor over time.

Improve Internal & External Communication

Detailed communication between treatment teams is key, especially when those teams are located in different remote locations. Within the portal, care teams are able to leave thorough notes about the client’s overall behavior throughout the day, giving the next shift insight into what to expect and any red flags to be aware of. Without communication barriers, treatment teams can better collaborate to ensure there are no gaps in care.

Communication between the agency and conservators and monitors is vital as well, to maintain clear visibility into client care and wellbeing. To assist with these, you can actually grant outside parties the ability to log into a secure portal of their own to view the client’s history of notes and documentation.